Secret Doors by Andrew Owen

I am now having a problem that does not appear to be directly related to the Extension Secret Doors, however that’s where I am:

This is what I7 is telling me:

As far as I can tell, by reading the documentation (and looking inside the Extension) I am not doing anything wrong – but apparently, I7 thinks I am!

This is a common mistake and although the error message is pretty explicit about what you did wrong, it’s one of those things you can stare at and still miss. Your problem is here:

You’ve created a kind of secret switch (called a lever), but not an actual lever object. If you only need one lever, change it to: The Lever is a secret switch in G52875. If you have a bunch of levers: A lever is a kind of secret switch. The brown lever is a lever in G52875. Either way, you need to actually place the lever in whatever room it’s supposed to be, which it looks like you also forgot to do.

In other threads I’ve learned that “a lever is in G52875” is not sufficient to create an instance of the lever kind, but “one lever is in G52875” will work.

The rumbling you hear in the background is me pulling in the last pit I just dug. I think I7 is out to get me. Every time I think I have a slim understanding of the language, another factor jumps up and bites me on the ass! At least now, I think I am beginning to dispel my feelings of paranoia and have started realizing that the language is so complex that it seems to be able to handle most any thought process and when an error does occur it is probably my sending it down the wrong synapse!

As a rule, I find unnamed instances of a kind of thing to be one of the most confusing aspects of Inform 7. There are times when they are unavoidable, but I try to use uniquely identified things whenever possible (even if that unique identification is entirely behind the scenes).

Robert Rothman