Secret Doors and Hidden Items.

Is there language built into the new version of Inform 7 to hide/reveal secret doors or items? I have downloaded both extensions (Owens & Fundin) but I cannot get either of them to work, I tried editing Andrew Owens according to a post with suggestions to fix it but that didn’t seem to work either. Whether I’m just missing something or these are obsolete I’m not sure–is there any other extensions or simple way to hide a doorway/item from player, and have it revealed when the player does something?

[code]The description of Old Forest Road is “[if the archway door is unrevealed][line break]A wall of thorns is here.[otherwise][line break]An overarching, tree lined tunnel has appeared, leading further west off the roadway into the dark forest…[end if].”

The archway door is a secret door. The archway door is west of Old Forest Road and east of Cul-De-Sac. The archway door is unrevealed. The description of the archway door is “The shadowy tree-lined tunnel beckons you…”.

Every turn:
if the red convertible has been in the Old Forest Road one time:
now the archway door is revealed instead;
now the archway door is open instead.

Every turn:
if the red convertible is in the Old Forest Road3 and the archway door is revealed:
say “A tunnel has appeared here…” instead.[/code]

The most common way to do a door like this is to make it closed and unopenable until the player does the requisite action to reveal it.

Been trying to figure out same thing is there an example posted anywhere that newbies can learn from?

Here’s a very simple example.

The library is a room. The secret passage is a room.
The bookcase is a door. It is east of the library and west of the secret passage. The bookcase is closed and not openable.
An inconspicuous control panel is a device in the library.
After switching on the panel:
    say "One of the bookcases slides upward, revealing a passage to the east!";
    now the bookcase is open.
After switching off the panel:
    say "The secret door closes again.";
    now the bookcase is closed.

Turn the panel on to open the secret door, turn it off to close it again.

I and Draconis have been working on an extension that gives you a type of door that can be moved around - so you could have it offstage until revealed. I need to get cracking on that.

What about the Mobile Doors extension? I thought Gorobay had updated that for 6L02.

Mobile Doors does work in 6L02.