Seattle/Tacoma IF Meetup March 2023

All right, let’s try out the new Event function in I’ll post this notice both to the old thread and to this new topic just in case.

The next meetup of the Seattle/Tacoma IF group will be on Sunday, March 19th from 2 - 4 PM PDT via Discord. (Note that Daylight Savings Time in the USA starts on March 12th; the Sunshine Protection Act passed the Senate last spring but died in committee in the House.)

This month we’ll play and discuss the 2015 puzzler Sub Rosa by Joey Jones and Melvin Rangasamy.


I posted my regrets to help you with your test. No offense to our friends in the Pacific Northwest, but I’m in Orlando. :sunglasses:


I believe it’s been online for a while now and because of that I don’t think you have to be Northwest local. I enjoyed when they invited me!


That’s correct! We’re on Discord these days, so remote guests are welcome to join us.


Nice to see Sub Rosa played. What was the prognosis?

I’ve been working with Melvin to get a re-release that fixes a small handful of issues. (Our extensions broke on the later version of Inform so it’s taken a little longer.) The main thing I wanted to fix is a bug introduced in the post comp version which means that the backstory of your inventory items doesn’t show up when you first look at them:

The description of the somnuliser is "[first time]With a heavy heart you gave the names and locations of each of the Lemniscaters to the Knights Linear in exchange for an untraceable weapon. In their unyielding cleavage to the word of law they could neither fail to provide such a weapon, nor could they give you anything that could be used to directly harm. So they gave you the somnuliser.[only]

The description of the attuning set is "[first time]On the twelfth level of Spira you summoned the Tacit One from its urn, spending seven years of servitude to know what you would need to take to enter unknown into the mansion of the Destine clan. On your final day of servitude, when all signs pointed to the Tacit One reneging on its end of the bargain, it presented you with the attuning set.[paragraph break][only]

The description of the winkerchief is "[first time]You didn’t have to betray anyone or enter servitude to gain the Winkerchief: a pack of them was on special offer in a domestic goods store in Mump Simus and the proxy you’d targeted through dream suggestion to go shopping on your behalf got a good deal and was even able to pick up some cheap caustic soda for their clogged drain.[paragraph break][only]


The meeting discussing Sub Rosa isn’t until tomorrow, I believe: 2-4PM Pacific time.


Yep, the meeting is today at 2 PM Pacific time. If you’re free, you’re welcome to join us on Discord!