Seattle IF meet-up this Saturday the 15th at 3:30 PM

hi, hope no one minds this crosspost from RAIF/RGIF, but perhaps there are some lurkers here who don’t read the newsgroups:

The Seattle IF group meets this Saturday the 15th at 3:30 PM, and all are invited. Our building is at the University of Washington, in the Health Sciences Building F.

Last month about 15 people attended, and you can read the minutes:

In the spirit of Seattle IF our agenda is usually up in the air. There are many TWIFComp games to play. Feel free to come with more ideas for games to play on the projector, your own IF work to discuss, or questions about anything in the greater IF world as well.

A more detailed map with our building marked as I Court is here:

The doors are locked, but someone inside will let you in.

And for the May meeting mailing list thread, go here: