Searching IFDB for games not in my "I've played it" list

Hi all. I already sent this question to the IFDB admin email but wanted to check here as well.

On IFDB, does anyone know if there is a way to search within the pool of games that are not in my “I’ve played it” list? This also goes for games not in my wish list and games I have not checked as “not interested”.

I just want a pool of games I know I haven’t looked at yet.

And, just to be complete, is there a way to search games that are in any of the three lists? I know you can see the whole list, but can you get a subset of a given list?


I don’t know offhand if the web search function has syntax for this search. However, the database is backed up to the IF Archive every three months, so in theory you could grab the most recent dump and write some SQL to do your query directly. Probably not what you were looking for, but I thought I’d mention it just in case…

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It’s an idea, anyway.

If it turns out there isn’t a way to do this through the web site, it at least gives me an alternative solution to explore.

The link is at:

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We can do this now. Yay!

Go to Search for Games and check out the new search parameters: played, willplay and wontplay.

For example, if you want to see all of the 2021 games that you have already marked as “played”, use this in the search box:

published:2021- played:yes

Or, if you are an obsessive completist like me, this will give you all of the 2021 games that you still have to look at and categorize in your lists:

published:2021- played:no willplay:no wontplay:no