Search Unhelpful

I have been trying to search the forums, specifically within the Inform 6 and 7 Development topic. Unfortunately, the search function gives me this:

I understand the need to filter out words that are very common, but should the search really ignore words like “description” or “room” or “things” in a forum about interactive fiction?

BTW, it doesn’t matter what settings I use. Even limiting my search to “description room things” I get no results because every word in the search is ignored.

I think the issue is precisely that it is a forum for interactive fiction–the words “description,” “room,” and “things” are particularly common in posts here, so the forum search ignores them.

If the built-in forum search isn’t giving you anything useful you can search the site using google:

(There’s been some talk of changing the forum software, which would lead to a different built-in search function, but I don’t know how much it would help with this issue.)

Also if there’s a specific question you have, you can always post it! It’s not a big problem if you ask a question that someone asked before, if it’s not easy to find the old thread. (Or even if it is.)

Also note “each word must consist of at least 3 characters” so don’t include “to” “of” “in” “a”.

A search for “description room things” works fine, at least when I tried it.

So it looks like switching to the new forum software may indeed have helped with the issue with the old phpBB search!