search tool for TADS 3 documentation, including Adv3Lite

Everybody talks about the weather, nobody does anything about it.

So, substitute TADS docs search tool for weather, and, well, hold on, there, somebody has gone and done something about it.

I’ve written a search utility in Java, so it runs on Windows and Linux (and presumably Macs—I’ve tested the first two, but yes I have no Mac, so just guessing), which, in the spirit of TADS and IF in general, is yours for the taking…

Unzip it to a folder on your system, read the readme therein, then run the tool from a command line with the following command…

java -jar tadsDocSearch.jar resources/

A window will open with a list of documents available for searching (you can add or subtract docs as desired), a field for entering a search term, and a Go button. Results will be written to a file in a directory specified in the properties file and then opened in your browser.

Before you do a search, you need to update the document URL list in the properties file to point to the Adv3/Adv3Lite docs on your system. Run the utility and view the Help text from the Help menu for details about configuring the system.

The utility requires a Java 8 JRE; if you haven’t updated your Java lately this might be a good time to get the latest security updates from Oracle. Get a Java JRE here…

If you encounter problems, please let me know, I’ll do my best to fix them.