Scratching my graphical headers.

I give up. Someone tell me why this isn’t working.

[code]Include Glimmr Drawing Commands by Erik Temple.
Include Glimmr Simple Graphics Window by Erik Temple.

Figure of headerbar is the file “HeaderBar.jpg”.

The header-window is a graphics g-window. The main window spawns the header-window. The position of the header-window is g-placeabove. The scale method of the header-window is g-fixed-size. The measurement is 50.

First window-drawing rule for the header-window (this is the clear the header-window rule):
clear the header-window;
display figure of headerbar in the header-window at 0 by 0.

When play begins:
open up the header-window;
follow the window-drawing rules for the header-window.

The headless room is a room. The description is “Oh noes my head is gone.”[/code]

This is a sneaky one.

In the line:

‘The main window spawns the header-window’

it should be ‘main-window’, with a hyphen. That’s the correct name of the default window.

The reason this compiles is because I7 doesn’t read that as an error, but it thinks you’re declaring a different window with the name ‘main window’, which of course then never shows up.

  • Wade

It works now. Thanks! Somehow, I knew it was going to be something stupid like that.