Scott Adams and Z-Machine interpreters for Colour Maximite 2

Hey folks,

Not sure if there is any interest, but the retro-inspired Colour Maximite 2 now has both Scott Adams Classic Adventure and Z-Machine (.z3 only) interpreters implemented for it in MMBasic:

SAAINT (Scott Adams Adventure Interpreter for the Colour Maximite 2)

Z-MIM (Z-Machine Interpreter for the Colour Maximite 2)

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This is very nice. I am definitely into Retro Computing.

Thank you for the tip!

The closest I’ve come to a soldering iron in my life was when I watched a friend make jewelery (silversmith). The closest I’ve come to programming is ticking boxes (and entering some html-code) in ADRIFT.

Yet I am totally psyched when I see how much passion and energy people put into this kind of thing. Great stuff!

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Very nice! I don’t know much about the Colour Maximite or MMBasic, but being able to play a lot of classic games on it feels like a really nice touch.