Scheduled Activities extension not working?

The Scheduled Activities extension by John Clemens isn’t working for me. When I try to run my story it reports an error saying that I7 doesn’t understand the phrases ‘change stored_preceding to 0’, ‘change stored_preceding to 2’ and ‘change stored_preceding to 1’. I honestly find this quite odd, as this extension is on the inform official website. I know the extension was updated for an earlier version, but I don’t see why this would make it not work. What am I doing wrong?

The “change [variable] to [value]” syntax has been deprecated for some time, and was removed entirely in 6L02. The extensions on are intended for earlier versions (up to 6G60), so many of them no longer work in the latest builds. See this post for more information.

In this case you might be able to make it work by replacing those three lines in the extension: the proper syntax is “now [variable] is [value]”. But there may be more significant problems as well which won’t be so easily fixed.

(7 years later…)

In this case, updating change X to Y to now X is Y really was all that was necessary, so I’ve updated it and committed Scheduled Activities to the Friends repo.