Scenes, Conditions, and the Grammar

I would like to start scenes when the player does something.

Bad Food is a scene. Bad Food begins when the mushroom stew has been eaten.

But it looks like I’m not getting the condition quite right, as it is rejected by the compiler.

To solve the problem, I am putting a flag on the stew so that:

Bad Food is a scene. Bad Food begins when the flag of the mushroom stew is true.

I would rather do something like the first statement, which is more elegant. Is it possible?

I don’t have Inform handy to check this, but try something like:

Bad Food begins when we have eaten the mushroom stew.

I think this works. Thank you.

How does one apply past tense so that the scene triggers when an NPC has done something (eaten the stew, for example)?

Inform has no built-in way of doing this, so you’ll have to create your own. If you move the stew off-stage when it’s eaten (and it is never off-stage otherwise), you could check for that, or you could make eating the stew set a flag, something like this (untested):

[code]Stew-eaten is a truth state that varies.

Carry out Bob eating the mushroom stew:
now stew-eaten is true.

Bad Food begins when stew-eaten is true.[/code]