Scene ending conditions...

I have a scene defined as ending when the player is ‘in’ his car(after a long day at work, etc). He gets in, does the drive home, enters the apartment, locks the door, all in one turn. The problem is, apparently the scene did not end as defined–is this because, though the player in fact did enter the car, he was no longer in it at the end of the turn? Does the condition have to be true at the end of the same turn in which it becomes true, for the scene to end?



It depends on when you move the player. I’ve done things as plodding as

[code]First carry out entering the car:
now endscene1 is true.

Finding the car is a scene.
Finding the car ends when endscene1 is true.[/code]

My answer was too brief. The turn sequence rules go

  • parse command rule
  • declare everything initially unmentioned rule
  • generate action rule
  • (scene changing rules)
  • every turn stage rule
  • timed events rule
  • update chronological records rule
  • (scene changing rules)

(and then some more stuff, but those are the interesting ones)

So scene conditions are actually checked twice, before and after the “every turn” rules kick in. But it doesn’t matter when the condition becomes true; the system only checks whether the condition is true.

You can force a scene-change check mid-turn with

follow the scene change machinery rule;

Thank you all.