Saying "he/she/it"...

This is something that must be simple but I haven’t seen it. How do you “say” the pronoun of a person?

instead of fnording:
	say "You try to fnord [the noun] but [the subject pronoun of the noun] does not want you to. ";

Unfortunately “the subject pronoun of the noun” is not something that actually works. There must be something like it, I guess, but what?

If you’re using the Plurality extension by Emily Short, you can use the phrases [it-them] and [it-they] to get what you’re looking for. Plurality is a sufficiently popular extension that it comes bundled with the current version of Inform, so you probably already have it - just pop the following at the top of your source text:

Include Plurality by Emily Short.

Oh! I didn’t realize Plurality handled genders too. I knew it was simple. Thank you, David!