Saying Goodbye and leaving the IF scene

Due to personal reasons I decided to leave the Interactive Fiction scene and pursue projects in other areas.

Thus Project Delta, Trap Cave and Dead Hotel are my only released text adventure games.
It has been an interesting and revealing experience to take part in the IFComp and be part of this community for the past few years.

Thanks and Goodbye.

~ Emilian K. *


Once an IFer, all life an IFer.

Good luck, anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’ll be back.

I’m sorry to hear that, Emilian, but good luck with whatever you’re planning on doing next. There’s certainly too much stuff to do and spend time and energy on; I understand wanting to do something else for a while.

At any rate, I always thought I saw something in your approach to IF, and as you probably remember, I tried working with Node-X for a while. I think there’s still a lot of potential in exploring multiple-choice input with a classical, low-level game simulation. You helped pave the way in that. :slight_smile:

Best of luck in pastures new! (Unless this is a set up to later use a pseudonym in the next comp…)

This has got to be the strangest goodbye message I’ve seen in a community, bar none.

:astonished: It’s just plain bizarre.

To Comazombie, I say, goodbye, though I’ve never met you before.

Exactly. I have too much other stuff to do at the moment.

I hope I left some inspiration for other CYOA authors. Thanks.

And bigger than a bread box! :slight_smile:

Pixels and ASCII graphics on my C64! :wink:

As I repeated in other forums and topics, I won’t code and write any game for IFComp 2012 this time.
I repeat: No game from me in IFComp 2012. Zero. Nada.
If people don’t believe it then too bad for them.

No, I won’t be back.

Just look at the bright side of it: One guy less in the competition to cope with. For you it can’t get better than that. :sunglasses:

If I were you I’d be very happy right now. Imagine you come as a newbie to a community where I am the king, the master of things to come and where everyone thinks I am the best of all in my department. And I look at you and think to myself: “This newbie guy, his games just don’t have it. They suck. I don’t like them I will tell him in my reviews. He should leave that community.” And then imagine this guy after 4 years of being an annoyance on my competition would post a topic saying he doesn’t come back anymore. You know what my reply would be to that guy? I would reply to him: “Oh, you are finally leaving? Good! Never see you again, noob. Piss off with your shitty noob games. Bye bye.”

THAT is what I would reply. Because I’m a honest guy and I tell people directly what I think about them. But no, you guys have a different approach. You post things like “No, you’ll be back. One time an IFer, always an IFer. Oh pleassse cooome baaaack, I will write a game with your system Node-X. Buuhuuhuuu.”

Yeah, right. :wink: And I’m sitting here in front of my computer, laughing my ass off and wondering “What the fuck is wrong with these guys? LOL They think I’m a Paul Panks case, huh. Say you leave but then come back? Nah, I’m not that stupid. I have some dignity and self-respect after all.”

Once and for all, I don’t give a shit and I’m leaving this community forever. How much clearer do I have to get? You have to find some other fool for your little mind games.

Bye bye
Signing out.
Windows shutting down.
Lights going dark.
End of show.

Comprende? Do you speak english?

I remember that one guy in 2009 here at this forum who wanted to start a sucky CYOA competition with weird prizes I don’t give a damn about. I told the guy that I think it’s a sucky competition. Some people may remember it? It happened on this forum.

And that guy sent me a sucky PM afterwards in which he called me a “subhuman”. I replied to him ofcourse. And I told him that I think he is “an antisemite racist nazi piece of shit who hates Jews and Polish people. And he should go fuck himself.”

I wasn’t really angry with that guy. Phuh, another day, another troll. He told me what he thinks about me and I told him what I think about him. Everything cool. You see, I like honest people, regardless of what they have to say about me or anyone else.

The only thing which I can’t stand is people who pretend that they like you. Because it’s a big lie anyway. No, you hate me and I hate you. That’s the truth. So let’s leave it at that. No pretending that you expect me to come back and any bullcrap like this. Okay? Just be happy that I’m leaving in 2012 and I don’t plan to come back here any sooner.

P.S. Certainly, if you have something to say to me and you want to puke all your anger out at me then just do it. I will listen and think about it. Don’t hesitate. I can take it easily. At least show some dignity yourself for a change by directly telling people what you think about them. Don’t be cowards! I hate cowards! Come on, shoot at me… :wink:

Anyway, my point is: You won’t do it anyway. You won’t tell people directly what you think about them. You will most likely create another pointless topic in which you will talk about people in code again, as if they wouldn’t understand it and as if they wouldn’t know what’s going on. What kind of lame trolls are you? LOL

And when I say “trolls” I’m addressing all my haters out there. It’s like on Youtube. You have some bunch of haters, because haters gonna hate, right. It’s their nature. Don’t be angry with people trolling you. Enjoy it. :smiley: That’s what I do too when people troll me.

Just take a look at me. Smart guy, knows exactly what the trolls at IFComp and are about, creates entertaining forum posts which are fun to read. You see, I can be a real troll. I’m a good actor. You guys are no real trolls and you are very easy to read. I can’t take you seriously.

And now you think, or you hope I should rather say, that I will come back with another CYOA game you can crap your shit on. Yeah, but you see… If I’m out of the act then who you are going to troll instead?

You know that I’m the only guy you can troll in this community, because I let you troll me. It’s that simple. I have found a purpose in this community. Why waste my precious time with writing CYOA games for ignorant trolls like you if I can just post forum topics from time to time here and get your attention this way? It’s much faster and easier. :mrgreen:

Alright, enough of straigh talk. I gotta go now… Maybe see you haters another time in this forum. :wink:

See you later, alligator…

It seems best to draw this thread to a close, so I have locked it.