say "quote" when using specific exit?

I have not found this yet in the manuals:

I want to say something after entering a room using a specific exit.

For example if a room has 4 exits connecting to it how could I say something different after entering from each one of them.

Could I combine exiting from one room and entering another to specify which exit should “say …”?

Thanks for any document references or help you can provide.

instead of going east in the Living Room: say "You are walking east! HUZZAH!"; continue the action.

You can also do this just once by saying “instead of going east in the Living Room for the first time:”

Before going to the Second Room from the First Room:
say “Going to the Second Room from the First Room.”

Change the before to an after to change when the text is printed.

Ah, cool. Two methods. Thank you very much! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine won’t work…
Heading Chapter 1:
“Savage Land Novel” by Breanna Walsh
West of Iviniaa is Gurka a room.
Welcome Message: “Welcome to Savage Lands!
Braedrina is born in a castle as royalty.”
“The birth of a princess named Braedrina. She was brave and smart by ten years of age. Everything was as it should be; for 10 short years, soon the whole realm would be woken from it’s complecent slumber…”
Gurka is a room West of Iviniaa a room.
Pull open means the door is to enter Gurka.
Going from the Iviniaa to the Gurka means enter room.

instead of going east in the Iviniaa:
say “You are walking east! HUZZAH!”;
continue the action.