Say if condition for animals

Include Rideable Vehicles by Graham Nelson

I cannot get ‘say if’ constructs to recognize when the player is ON or OFF the horse. SHOWME recognizes the distinction, and the printed name appends ‘(on the horse)’. “Say if” gives no errors but has no effect. Code snippet is shown below.

HQ Yard is east of HQ and south of Clayborn Journey. West of HQ Yard is nowhere.
The printed name of HQ Yard is "Courtyard outside Claptrap's Office".
Description of HQ Yard is "[if player is on the horse]You sit atop your sturdy steed.[otherwise]You find yourself standing in the dirt of the castle yard. [end if]A few people go to and fro among the courtyard. Soldiers patrol the barricades above.".
The horse is a rideable animal. The horse is in HQ Yard. 
The description of horse is "A fine sturdy quarterhorse. You named him Bravo a few years ago. He has served you well. [if player is not on horse]He stands saddled and ready to go. You can ride Bravo to get to Clayborn.[end if]".
Understand "Bravo" as horse.
Exit of HQ Yard is "N".

Anyone know if this is my error or a disconnect with the extension?

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From a quick look at the documentation, it seems like the extension uses a new “carried by” relation. So your conditional should work if you substitute in “if the player is carried by the horse”.


Thanks for answering. I swear I tried that “carried by” phrase and it didn’t work, but I tried it again. It did work. I am on my way to other progress.