Say a randomly selected word from a group

There is a password randomly selected from a set of 4 (i.e. “Barracuda”, “Trout”, “Salmon”, “Mola”) – it is determined when play begins but stays consistent for that playthrough. You are informed of these by, say, reading a slip of paper. You must say the password to a guard to permit entry, otherwise you will be told that you got it wrong.

My current idea is to declare password as a text that varies, then roll a random number from 1 to 4 and set the password to one of these words based on which number it rolls. But is there a faster way to do this, and would you be able to say it properly?

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The password is some text that varies.
When play begins:
    now the password is the substituted form of "[one of]Barracuda[or]Trout[or]Salmon[or]Mola[at random]".
A slip of paper is a thing.
The description of the slip of paper is "It has [the password in upper case] written on it."

I suggest picking the password at the time it is needed so that players can’t play games like: save the game, determine the password, reload the save game, and know the password without going through the business of figuring it out.


This works, but how would you be able to program responses based on the password? Like:

if the password is Mola:
say “Sounds flat.”;

If the password is "Mola":

What about checking if the player’s command is equal to the password? i.e. >SAY “MOLA”

18:33 - Reading a command

RB 2:3 - Using the Player’s Input

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