saving games with vorple / parchment

I’m using inform7 to author a game that is then published as a web page with vorple + parchment. When I say save in the game, the URL changes to a big hash that i think encodes the current game state. However when I try to jump back into the game with this URL I get an interpreter error from ZVM:

Uncaught Error: Unknown opcode #0 at pc=16

I get the same error when I do a release from inform 7 and play locally in the browser.

I’m saying:

Release along with the "vorple" interpreter.

What version of Parchment is it? If it’s older than 2014-04-21 then that’s a bug which has already been fixed.

If it’s newer, can you please report it at with a link to a story file that shows the bug?

Vorple uses an older version of Parchment, and updating it isn’t trivial. Sorry about that, but there’s an update planned in a couple of months.

It probably wouldn’t be hard to update just zvm.js though.

From what I can see you’re using a version of it where the output stream stuff is heavily embedded. If you used an approach more like this it would be very easy to update the zvm.js library: … 29f9556909