Savepointing in Twine

In my current Twine project, I want to keep bookmarking and kill Undo. (I’m working in Jonah, and I don’t like the effect of allowing someone to check both paths before moving forward, but the project will likely be too large for convenient play in a single sitting.)

Ideally, rather than a bookmarking free-for-all, I’d like to provide specific bookmarks along the way, like a console game savepoint structure. Finish a chapter, get a bookmark, rinse and repeat.

Is this possible? If so - how?

Oh, for clarification - turning off UNDO, is automatically turning off bookmarking. Which is why I’m connecting the two here.

The short answer is use the custom header Sugarcube, found here: This gives you awesome save functionality (normally via a menu, but can be tweaked for autosave) and a bunch of other stuff too. When I had your problem bookmarking couldn’t be used without undo in the standard headers, and I believe that’s still the case. My similarly-subjected thread on might be of interest to you as well:,1410.msg2539.html#msg2539.

Thanks! I’ll give this a shot.

Let me know how you get on - when I transferred my WIP to Sugarcube I had a few teething problems, all very easily overcome and it was well worth doing.