Savegame Problems in Zoom for Mac OS X


I’ve switched from Gargoyle back to Zoom since Gargoyle looks really bad on my Retina Display, but now I’m having serious issues with savegames in several games. I couldn’t load savegames made in Counterfeit Monkey, and now the same happened with the latest release of Blue Lacuna. I can’t load my savegame (after a 7 hour session on a train…), not in Zoom, not in Gargoyle, not in Spatterlight. All I get is “restore failed” or “Glk Error No ident chunk in save file” or, if I use glulxe instead of Git, “Glulxe fatal error: Unknown destination type in store operand.”.

My system is 10.8.2, Zoom is Zoom interpreter version 1.1.5
Macintosh interface version 2.1.5
CocoaGlk version 1.0.8
Glulxe version 0.4.7
Git version 1.2.9

I would be very grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction of what might be wrong there, as you can probably imagine, this is quite frustrating.


There was just a thread on this…

That deals with loading Zoom save files into Gargoyle, not the other way around. I thought that the other way around worked automatically.

However, Zoom is known to be buggy on OSX 10.8 – maybe 10.7 too – so you might just be out of luck.

Thanks zarf for pointing me in the direction of the thread, I did not find that one as I entered “savegame” as my search query. I’ll try getting the save file out of the package as mentioned in the thread.

While we’re at it: Which interpreter might work on 10.8 and that ridiculous retina display? I seem to be out of options as Gargoyle doesn’t look right and Zoom seems buggy.

update: trying to take the save file from the package and opening it in Gargoyle as mentioned in the other thread does not solve my issue, i get “No ident chunk in save file” again.

Do you think it would be wise to send an email to the maintainer of Zoom for OS X?


I can save a game in Advent.ulx in Gargoyle and load it into Zoom. So when this process fails for you, it’s Zoom being generally unhappy about life.


When all else fails, I’ll have to go back to reading books I guess;-)