Savage Realms - Escape from Darkmoor Keep gamebook

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I recently just launched the Kickstarter campaign for my second gamebook, Escape from Darkmoor Keep. If you get a chance, check it out at the following link:

My first gamebook, Savage Realms - Labyrinth: The Lich Lord’s Lair, can be found on Amazon by going to this link:



The art is good for a gamebook and its a neat idea allowing a party of players to go through it. What kind of interactive structure does it have? (i.e. is it mostly a series of challenges in sequence, or is it an exploratory space, or…) I guess the stats are mostly determined by class-- what sort of role do they play in the challenges?

You can be a warrior or a mage as far as class, but these classes don’t really affect your stats. The stats in this book are divided into two categories, Skills and Attributes, and as the game progresses you have opportunities to increase them beyond what you initially rolled when you first created your character. Like most gamebooks, your choices somewhat determine the interactive structure with this storyline. I hope I was able to answer your questions. Thanks for reaching out.

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