SATU Text Game Maker

I’ve been working about two years on an online text game maker (it has been mainly one of my side-projects). Now I have managed to publish it on a beta state and I’m keen to find people to experiement with it.

In few words, it’s a choice-based text game development platform with an easy learning curve. Games can be developed/played in a modern browsers so no need to download any software.

You can find the text game maker at

Please feel free to leave comments!

  • Miikka

Do you plan to offer some compatibility with slightly older browsers like IE 9 (Windows 7 default) and Opera 12?

Unfortunately no, the techniques the engine uses are hard (if not completely impossible) to to do with older browser without some plugins e.g. Flash. The Game Maker works with

Chrome 30+
Firefox 34+
Internet Explorer 11+
Safari 8+

With Opera i actually have no idea but with fast google i assume it should work fine with the latest versions.

Nice work. I love the ANSI-support! I am not interested in using it myself (because of my own tool) but I had a quick look. You might want to polish the example adventure a bit, and/or perhaps some parts of the engine. Like when I looked in the fridge it says there is bread there, and I have an option to pick it up, but I pressed A to TAKE and it said there was nothing I could take. I think it should have told me I could take the bread. Also when I looked in my inventory after picking up the bread it said I had bread “1 pcs” which made it look a bit technical almost like debug-output. Perhaps do not say anything about the number if there is only one of something, and if there is more it might look better to put “2 x” before it (or “x 2” after)?

This reminds me of the open source Tiny Tiny Text Advanture games (1 and 2) available on Android that also allows you to pick up and use items and navigate around the world using just choices from a menu rather than a parser.

Thank you fore you comments. You made very good points with the units in the inventory screen and with the example game, i’ll have a look on those.