Sargent's Chapbook Extensions

Twine Version: Chapbook 2.0.0 (ish)

I’ve put together a starting collection of Chapbook inserts and modifiers centered on text wrangling:

  • The [collect] modifier to save text to a variable instead of showing it, letting you build up longer descriptions that you can then show using the {show collected} insert.
  • The {if [condition]} insert to only show text if the condition is true.
  • The {first time} insert to show text only the first time a player visits the passage.
  • The {one of} insert to show different text every time the player visits the passage.

You can get the code from the project’s repository, as well as see the extensions demonstrated.

NOTE: There’s a bug in how Chapbook 2.0.0 processes Javascript blocks. The bug’s been fixed, but until a new version is released, to use these extensions, you’ll need to build the Chapbook story format from source, or DM me and I can get you a pre-compiled version.


These seem really cool! Thanks for sharing. Could you talk through some use cases for the text collection extensions? They feel like you could do a lot with them, but I can’t put my finger on exact use cases. Putting together a complex message without using a lot of if statements?


These are definitely extensions I want to use.

Is there still a problem with Chapbook 2.0.0? I actually downloaded it and tried upgrading one of my existing projects to it and goofy stuff happened - I figure I just need to start a story in 2.0…but as of now 2.0 doesn’t change any utility, just stuff under the hood so it’s not a necessary update for existing projects - or to use these extensions til it’s fixed?

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This thread is kind of Missed Connections: Forum Edition :expressionless: I missed the reply notification, myself. 2.0 is just a behind-the-scenes upgrade. There isn’t really much for authors, but I released it as a tech preview. If the goofy stuff seems to be a bug with Chapbook, please open an issue!