Santoonie in the IFComp

So, will we be seeing a new Santoonie game show up in this year’s IFComp?

I think this was confirmed on RAIF, wasn’t it?

Sure to be the highlight of the comp, unless we see a surprise collaboration from Paul Panks and Howard Sherman.

Well, I was asking A.P. Hill since he was online at the time. If it was announced in the newsgroups recently, I haven’t read it.

Amissville II was a dismal disappointment, but I thought Zero was decent enough. There’s just something unique about those games. It’s like an IFComp wouldn’t be complete without one.

Disappointment? I didn’t think there was anybody who played Amissville and then thought its sequel was worse than expected.


I remember playing Zero, but aside from the nice intro graphic thought it was pretty dire. I made a point of not playing the sequel as a result.