San Diego Comic-Con 2023

I’m going to be in San Diego the weekend of July 21 for Comic-Con. FWIP! (Makes Spider-Man Hand Gesture)

I was wondering…

  1. Are there any IF authors or fans on here who’d like to get together at SDCC?

  2. I’m hosting a panel on how to create games in Ink the evening of July 22. If you design Ink games and would like to participate in the panel, reply here.


I’ll be in San Diego then! …for a wedding the couple inadvertently scheduled on the worst weekend they could have possibly picked. The hotel costs are bad but I’m sure the traffic will be worse, oi.


The Gaslamp District becomes a giant mess during Comic-Con, but if they’re having wedding stuff away from the Gaslamp, they should be fine. In theory. Hopefully!

It’d be awesome to meet you in person, Mike!

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