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I was curious if there is a directory or maintained list of sample adv3lite games with source. I’ve found the cloak of darkness implementation on Eric’s page and I could piece together the Heidi source but haven’t seen a completed example.

What would be super awesome is something like but for adv3Lite that stretches the library.


(I feel really uncomfortable advertising my own game but I feel like it would genuinely be useful for you)

I Am Prey was made using Adv3Lite, and the currently-available version has its source code here.

(Also, nobody told me my own name was misspelled in the main branch readme, and it’s been up for a year?? I am going to die of embarrassment, thank you. My own name. Ugh.)

EDIT: I have been improving the code for a while, but I linked to that version because you can see 1-to-1 how it works. There are bugs and clunky bits, but I’m guessing you’re looking for examples to learn from, and not to be impressed by, lol. That version does not use separate compilation (as has been pointed out to me often), so note that this is a major “don’t do that” choice that I made.


You can find the source to a number of TADS games at the IF Archive. However, not all are for adv3Lite. (Some of the older ones are even for TADS 2.)

I believe The Only Possible Prom Dress uses adv3Lite. I would look for games less than 10 years old as other candidates for using adv3Lite.


If someone is patient enough (2-2½ years…), my WIP (using a3Lite) will be released with source.

there’s also the porting of the learning adv3 exercises, but the porting is a bit too linear, leading to a certain degree of disarray; eventful walk is, frankly, perhaps the worst case of “how NOT to organise the source”, albeit allows a side-by-side comparision whose IS useful in learning also the differences, even the subtle ones, between adv3 and adv3lite (proven, having successfully ported a then-312k adv3 source code into adv3Lite in a surprisingly short time…)

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You know, you got me thinking … I guess there really isn’t a game that puts on display all of adv3Lite’s features. Mike Roberts, the creator of TADS, made a few games for that purpose (the sample.t you linked to, but also Ditch Day Drifter and Return to Ditch Day for TADS 2 and 3, respectively).

But I’m unaware of any game specifically coded to show off adv3Lite’s main features which also released its source code, which is an important part of the exercise.

If anyone’s interested, that might be a cool project! Or, something that could be done as a group effort, a game where each room demonstrates something important or unique about adv3Lite.


The adv3Lite Tutorial does that to some extent by walking you through the creation of three games. While the first two are pretty trivial, the third, Airport, is more substantial and is designed to illustrate many of the main features of adv3Lite. Sections of the source code are listed in the Tutorial, and the complete source code for the game can be downloaded from GitHub - EricEve/airport: Source code for the Airport Game used as an illustration of the adv3Lite Manual.


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