Ryan Veeder's Authentic Fly Fishing

This feature would probably be far too much of a headache to implement, but would it be possible to have either some kind of login, or a way to download/upload saves, so the same game can be played on different devices?


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Should be able to dump it from console with JSON.stringify(localStorage), copy and email to yourself or something, then import on another console with something like:

var o = <what you copied>
for (var k in o) localStorage[k] = JSON.stringify(o[k]) 

Clunky, but at least you’ll have a backup that way!

Found the hat, and a shovel and a place to dig, but I think it needs to rain before I can dig!

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Going north from inside the gazebo yielded:

You pass through the gazebo's northern gate.
You walk out the east side of the gazebo, into the gentle rain.

Is this a bug? Or am I just not understanding the layout of the gazebo area?

That is a real screwy bug! I’ll look into it. Thanks!

UPDATE: The gazebo thing has been resolved. Also a lot of other little things have been fixed. But I’ve noticed that often I have to force my browser to re-cache the updated game, so look out for that!

Ryan, I hope you’re planning on writing up some article or blog post about the general mechanics and design principles of Ryan Veeder’s Authentic Fly Fishing. I’d like to see your “experimental” work be a model so other authors can craft their own visitable casual storyworlds. I, for one, have always wanted to craft a science-fiction universe loosely based on the Cosmic Encounter board game and allow the players to explore the worlds as they please towards different contradictory goals.


That’s an excellent idea! I decided to start out with the basics (autosaving a tiny linear game) with a blog post HERE, and I’ll try to do a followup with fancier mechanics later—although I’m sure one can extrapolate those fancier mechanics from the base case…


Thank you! This is exactly the sort of info I wanted to see spelled out. I also look forward to your subsequent posts, time and will permitting.

Well, I reached the introductory message that says:


This is going to be the last special introductory message. Thanks again for playing.

I don’t know what else there is to say.

If you have any specific questions or feedback, I hope you’ll contact me, via email (rcveeder@me.com) or Twitter (@rcveeder), so I can find out what you think.

Actually, you know what? If you’ve played for this long, you HAVE to contact me. You are obligated to let me know that you saw this message, so that I can know that a player like you actually exists. Okay? Please?

If you’re reading this and deciding to ignore my request, I will—Well, I’ll never find out, I guess. But if I somehow do find out, I will be very ticked off at you.

I feel like I have to note the fact here (that should suffice, since the author is in this thread). I don’t feel comfortable defying such strict orders.

As for the game itself, I’m still having fun, mainly because I know there’s something I need to find in order to make further progress, and I’m confident it’ll turn up eventually if I look under the right rock. I did find some very interesting reading material, which also serves as a clever way to keep the player coming back day after day.

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Thank you!!!

Here’s the followup to the Basic Autosaving blog post. I plan to do one more post on autosaving techniques; let me know if you have any questions I should answer in it.

You can see another example of this general technique with Kerkerkruip: Kerkerkruip Persistent Data.i7x


I find this game incredibly fascinating and I’ve made a thread (with lots of spoiler tags!) to discuss the plot and theories.

I played a little last night. The game is pretty cool. I had no idea that adding objects to a text adventure was possible while keeping save games intact. I had no idea it was possible to save progress on-line in text adventures like this. These are two pretty cool technological achievements!

But also, this is the first positive experience I’ve ever had with fishing, as in the real world it either results in me not catching any fish (and being a failure) or a dead fish, which is also a kind of failure for the fish. I didn’t think it was possible to have fun with this topic. I hope the sequel is about talking politics at Thanksgiving. I haven’t even properly fished yet in the game and I’m already liking it a lot! I hope people click the link and check it out.


Spoiler for the phone booth.

Okay, I painstakingly decrypted one of the “secret messages” the way one does the Cryptoquotes puzzle in the newspaper (if the key is given somewhere, I didn’t find it) and finally was able to read: “A man goes to the doctor and says he’s horribly depressed. The doctor says, ‘Ah, but you could be doing a lot worse. Consider the case of Pagliacci the Clown, who died fifteen years ago.’”

Where do I apply for my refund?

Also, I’ll say it again: there really needs to be a way to copy and upload save files. I’m starting to get nervous about all my progress being somewhere in AppData or someplace where I don’t know how to back it up. (I haven’t figured out how to make @cpb’s method work for importing the data yet.)

This game is weird and makes me feel uncomfortable by altering my playstyle.

Which makes me think it’s great.

I just met Malcolm and now I’ve dropped a lot of my assumptions. I tried this for like 15 minutes last year and didn’t get anywhere. Following this thread has finally got me to try it again. Thanks for making it sound exciting!

ha ha ha ha. I love the phone booth.

Dumb question: Does the noise you hear when you get onto the jetty lead to anything? I’ve tried lots of things at various times and I never figured out whether it was a puzzle I was supposed to solve or not.

With someone’s help via PM, I was able to confirm that I can manually back up and restore save data, which makes me feel better about continuing to put time into this.

Can someone confirm that the grabber claw can not be used to grab the “blue spot” that’s visible below the footbridge? It doesn’t seem to be working, but I want to make sure I’m not failing a “guess the verb” test.

Whoa. For a long time, I’ve assumed I had a mostly complete map. But if the developer notebook I got a sneak peek at while cleaning the beach is to be trusted, I’ve actually discovered less than half of the rooms! Good grief.

(Not necessarily true if the total includes the very extensive woods northeast of the lodge, but those don’t appear to be individually crafted rooms.)