Ryan North's "Romeo And/Or Juliet"


The website is all wonky on my browser, but who cares. :slight_smile:

For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, check out the Dinosaur Comics and, most importantly, Ryan North’s “To Be Or Not To Be”.

I’m horrid at plugging, so if anyone wants to do that, go ahead. I just wanted someone to post about it already, no one did, so hey, here it is.

Oh yeah, I wondered if anyone else had seen this! I really love these books. I am putting up Romeo And/Or Juliet as a prize for this year’s competition, since I won’t have an entry ready.

If you like it, you should also check out ‘To Be or Not to Be’, the first in the series. They’re both great, but Romeo And/Or Juliet feels a little more robust as a guided story with a consistent world model --stuff from the play will tend to happen on schedule unless you’ve done something to interfere with it, and a lot of paths tend to converge back into the main story, though it’s still possible to get wildly divergent endings. (There are also multiple mini-stories, including a simulated parser game with a few rooms and a couple of puzzles). To Be or Not to Be is more of a time-cave structure that goes all over the place if you ever diverge from the original story.