Running Trizbort?

Trizbort was mentioned in a thread recently. It sounds very interesting. I visited their site, downloaded and extracted their source.

After reading the documentation, I am still questioning. (Not unusual for me.) Do I need to have MS Visual Studio installed to use Trizbort? Do I need to compile the source? Is Trizbort a C++ application? What next?

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Oof, just checked and it looks like there’s a bunch of stuff you’d get if you downloaded a raw Github thing. I’m in the same boat when this happens.

For now, you can get an old version at - that one is just unzip the folder and run the .exe application file.

I’ll ping Jason L. and see if there’s an issue with the latest release.

Also, here’s a newer version. This was linked on last year so I don’t believe I’m giving out a private release. Same deal - unzip folder, run application. … g/v1.5.9.9

I did download the latest version from the Trizbort site.

I downloaded and installed MS Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition with C++ and C# development.

After VS was installed (17+ GB!) I ran the trisbort.sln file. It generated an error that I needed .NET Framework 4.6.1. I downloaded and installed that requirement and reloaded. I was then able to build and then run Trizbort. I pinned the application to my start bottom menu and it seems to be working, so far.

Very nice software from what I can see. I need to experiment.

The IF community and it’s developers are simply amazing!!!

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Hi all, I just realized that on the site, the most obvious link to download is a link to the source code… So yes, you could download that and if you have the means to compile it, you should be fine as you discovered.

However, I always create a simple zip file of the latest version with just the executable and necessary auxiliary files. That you can download from github release page and you can run it without having to recompile. The latest released version is … This is by far the easiest to just download, unzip somewhere and run.

What I need to do is make that link more apparent. There is nothing wrong with download the source code and rebuilding it, but you shouldn’t have to do that to get it to run. So I apologize for it not being as clear as it could be.

I really should revamp the site soon anyways…been on my todo list, but some other priority always seems to bubble up.

So in short to get the latest executables, jus go to and get zip file that is labeled (name will change based on version number)

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Thank you for the clarification. I am enjoying Trizbort. I am still very new to the author side of IF.

This is another very useful utility to help me down the path.


PS. Once I had everything in place, it compiled perfectly.