Running Hawkstone

Does anyone know if Hawkstone can be run by VirtualBox on Mac? I’ve never used a Windows emulator before, but I have VirtualBox sitting in my Applications folder (with no VM loaded? What goes on there?)


Sorry for my interruption, but what is Hawkstone?

(I did an internet search but found only strange stuff: A landmark (a tower in a park), a Lager beer, a gaming guild etc. And on Steam the word Hawkstone is unknown.)

An IFComp game that’s distributed as a Windows executable: Hawkstone


It should run fine on a virtual environment. I wrote and tested it on a virtual windows guest running on a windows host, but the host shouldn’t make any difference. It is a 64-bit game though, so as long as you have 64-bit virtual windows machine from windows 7 to 10, you should be fine. Probably works on windows 11 too, but I didn’t have it to test.


Does that mean I need to load an entire Windows operating system on my computer for the emulator to run? :grimacing: My laptop isn’t very flush on hard drive space…

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Yes, I’m afraid so. Unfortunately, that’s the way virtual machines work. There might be some other way using a Mac, but I’m not very experienced on that platform.

Edit: It looks like Wine is on Mac. You could maybe play it through that. I wouldn’t be able to guide you through configuring it though.

Edit2: I just tested it with Wine on Linux and it was not a good experience. The font is wrong, the console screen misbehaves, and is resistant to all attempts to change the size properties.

I completely understand if you want to save yourself the bother.


I can’t say for certain. But that is truly a shame. I would love to give priority to hand-crafted games. Kudos on your work, whatever happens.

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I just downloaded Wine (much more economical on the hard drive than Windows). Do you want me to try it, or will you feel that I get a wrong representation of your work? You’ve got sympathy from me, because I asked the comp admins to remove the Play Online button from my entry, since the default browser player doesn’t present the game how it’s intended to look.

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You could try it. I may yet be on the edge of playable, but the screen will likely be messed up and hard for you to figure what feedback the game is giving you.

thanks, man! It was my first entry and I rushed it out, so I’m not really expecting stellar feedback. You could always come back for it later if you run out of other options.


I’m really sorry. I tried loading Wine, and it seemed like it was creating a Mac app out of the .exe file, but when I double-clicked it, nothing happened. I don’t know what I’m doing to begin with, so I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s incompatibility…

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I’m not sure if the Mac Wine works differently than the Linux version, but the Linux one straight up launches the game, albeit messed up visually.

The game is just a small, simple console app, so however the OS presents that console is probably where it falls apart.

I’ll continue to work on it though and one day, I’ll have you playing the super polished version I intended it to be;)


Just for info, on Windows 11 it glitches with the text.

It’s adding an ungodly amount of blankspace, forcing you to scroll up and down to read what’s back at the top.
No issue so far on Win10.

Right click on the top of the console, select properties and change the buffer size to 120x40

Seems to still have some issue?
(I managed to play it on Windows 10 without any issue otherwise)

It’s working on mine in a fresh 11 install on VM.

I can only blame Microsoft :wink:

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Looks like you’re using the old terminal (conhost.exe) whereas @manonamora is using the new Windows Terminal app. So that might explain the difference.

Have any fellow CrossOver users managed to get this to run, on Mac or somewhere else? I’m running CrossOver version 23.6 on MacOS Monterey (M1). I have CrossOver bottles for Windows XP, 7, 10 and 11. Including 64 bit. But none will run Hawkstone. Though the other Windows game in the competition does run ok. Thanks!