Running Glimmr game in the IDE shows nothing

So I’m trying the Glimmr framework for graphics and the game screen in the IDE shows nothing, when I press Go. I tried one of the examples from the Glimmr blog and it shows nothing in the IDE, but when I press release and load it up in gargoyle, it works. Am I doing something wrong or is it just impossible to develop a Glimmr game using the Go button, because it sure is pretty complicated to release and use gargoyle every time I want to check a change in the game?

I think Glimmr uses the Flexible Windows extension and therefore you may be encountering the issue detailed out in this thread:


So there is currently no confirmed fix to this? I fetched the newest version of flexible windows, but that didn’t fix it. I just wanted few animated sprites. The graphical window sprites extension works perfectly, but doesn’t allow flip book animations. The Glimmr framework doesn’t work at all. Weird.

David Kinder (The author of the IDE) apparently has a ‘fix’, but hasn’t shared it with us yet.