Rule that fires immediately after a successful parse

I’m unable to determine where to place a rule to have it fire immediately after a successful command parse, but not fire at all when there is a parse error. Any help would be appreciated.

here, probably?

the whatever rule is listed after the parse command rule in the turn sequence rulebook.

Though I have no idea whether that would make trouble. One of the wizards will let us know. I do first before doing something in my WIP…

That almost works, but the vagaries of rulebook ordering wind up placing it after the action completes. (After the parse command rule, but also after a couple of other rules!)

This works:

The whatever rule is listed before the generate action rule in the turn sequence rulebook.

You have to be aware of situations where the player types multiple commands.


This is parsed one sentence at a time, so the whatever rule will run twice.


ah, nice. bookmarked

Thanks! Very helpful.