RuinJam is on!

In response to a number of horrifying incidents of harassment and general misogyny in the video game industry, I’ve declared RuinJam, a celebration of the impending doom of video games.

Any submissions that contribute to the downfall of games are welcome.

We just closed submissions and there’s a lot of awesome stuff! Carolyn even submitted a great Inform 7 game (This is a Real Thing That Happened), and Squinky was our very first submission (Quing’s Quest). I released my first lucasarts-style adventure game (Vivant Ludi)!

I would love it if people would check out some of the finished games.

I don’t know if I’ll have the time to check out too many of the games, but I sure did enjoy checking out the game titles. Congratulations on getting 81 entries!

If I don’t check out even a few, it’s my loss. I suspect they’d give me ideas for stuff I want to do in the future, given the anti-video-game tongue-in-cheek content. It’s sort of what I want to do, preferably sooner rather than later. I don’t have as much to rebel against or be upset with as most people, but that doesn’t stop me.