RSS per category?/RSS Formatting (Feedly)

Each category has an RSS feed of topics, e.g. will show all recent topics in the Site Feedback category. Does anyone know if there’s a way to get an RSS feed of all new posts (not just topics) in a category? I had managed to figure out how to do this for phpBB though it took some digging… I’m hoping someone has already done the digging for Discourse.

I just remembered I never figured out how to do this on, but I decided I didn’t need it there since overall traffic was low enough that I could just use /latest.rss to see all posts. But I don’t want to subscribe to all posts in all categories here; in some categories, I probably do want to subscribe to just topics, and some I don’t want to subscribe to at all. But it would be nice to subscribe to e.g. every post in site-feedback regardless of topic.

I’m not an RSS expert (though I signed up for Feedly just now to try it.)

Does do what you want?

(Entering a post to see if it shows up in Feedly.)

Does it only update every hour or two?

Well, no, I want to see posts from specific categories only, whereas /posts.rss is all posts from all categories.

My only suggestion would be to use the feed and then employ Feedly-Pro’s mute filters to weed out category keywords you aren’t interested in.

The RSS feed is putting each post body inside a blockquote tag, which means that all the text shows up in italic in my RSS reader (Feedly). Can this be fixed? I’m pretty sure it’s customizable, because this doesn’t happen for the feeds.

I will research that and check, unless @DavidG or @Dannii know and can jump in.

Checking in on this one - I just tried Feedly for the first time and didn’t notice any out-of-place italics. Is it still an issue?

Yep, still italics. Here’s a screenshot (in Chrome):

:man_shrugging::question: Also Chrome.

Ah, interesting, that’s from /posts.rss, but if you look at /latest.rss or /c/site-feedback.rss, it uses blockquote. I guess it has a different template for posts vs topics. (That also explains why I noticed the difference from, because I only subscribe to /posts.rss there.)