Rovarsson's Spring Thing 2021

THANK YOU for dedicating your precious time to Eleanor.

“What I did get was a very unnerving experience.”
I’m so sorry!

When I came up with the Eleanor storyline, I quickly realized it wasn’t going to be an “easy game”.
In fact, the risk in “simulations” like this is to create a frustrating and boring game.
I tried to avoid this by inserting sounds, images, automatic saving of progress and help routines.
Unfortunately even in your case (the same thing happened to Mike Russo) this was not enough and, in the end, you left the game without finishing it despite (I thought) the suggestions were quite explicit.

At this point it would be important for me, if you can, to know:

  • What prevented you from getting on
  • How can I make it clear that the “wake up” timer can be easily reset by moving down or up.
  • which helping images failed to suggest the right action to take.
    Your valuable suggestions would help me to improve the game in its future versions.
    All the best!
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Two games only half-successfully merged into one?..

Some Space

I liked … parts of it. But the parts didn’t feel like they were of the same whole.

Review: Some Space - Details (

I’ll read Those Days next.

A straight story, told in Twine.

Those Days

Hardly interactive, but a story that could not have the same impact if it were written as static fiction nonetheless.

Review: Those Days - Details (

Yesterday I already took a looksee at the intro of Budacanta. I’m looking forward to playing the rest of it this evening.

Wow! And that was only the introduction!


Honest, open, vulnerable, trusting, funny, enthusiastic.
The author has put an important part of herself in her game for you to read and experience. Moving.

Review: Budacanta - Details (

Next I’ll jump into the spy-parody that is Fish and Dagger.


I really like the way you have presented your reviews here, with a concise blurb, the review itself straight on IFDB, and ending with Up Next.



Maybe I’ll continue doing it like this when I return to the regular review-program (i.e. less reviewed and /or older games from my to play-list).

(I’m no mind-reader, but was your comment partly a hint to that effect?)


No hint, really. It just made it a pleasure to follow your review thread.

I’m particularly spoiler-averse myself, but here I could read everything without being afraid. I would get a summary impression of your general feeling toward the games, while the review itself being on IFDB provides useful context. And the teaser on the end provided a very good flow to the thread as a whole.

I don’t think a review that has its own thread would benefit as much from this approach, actually, especially since easy access to quoting makes the threshold for discussion lower.


I found that it kind of works if you play it very very quickly.

Thank you so much for the fantastic review! I was hoping that creating Budacanta would be educational as well as entertaining, and I’m glad it has turned out to be all that and more :smiley:

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An interesting piece that needs better big-picture writing.

Fish & Dagger

You’re getting drawn into a convoluted spy-intrigue. The convolutions do not get the narrative space they need to develop though.

Review: Fish & Dagger - Details (

Up next: [PYG]MALION*

And here I thought I found my gaming niche where I could take all the time I wanted to ponder my next move…

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Hello! I’m Bellamy the creator of Heroes! Sorry for the trouble with Quest.

The better experience comes with downloading the file but if that’s not an option I’d recommend waiting a few days to try it again online ! :sweat_smile:

Thank you for trying it out!


I’m reading this monster-thread about the lack of parser-games in the 2014 IFComp. I went into Spring Thing 2021 with a lot of the feelings that are expressed in it. (Regret about the dearth of parser-games, looking down at Twine for being click-through stories, even some “oh no, not another emo-whine in Twine”)

I just wanted to say that I’m really glad that the contex of Spring Thing finally brought me to engaging with Twine games. It’s good to have my prejudices popped like a balloon filled with foul gas.

It’s a big part of this community and I was missing out on it.

( IF is dead - General / Off-Topic Discussion - The Interactive Fiction Community Forum (


This misses the mark. (Or, equally probable, I missed it)


A series of intruiging and enjoyable scenes. No murder mystery to be seen for miles around though…

Review: [PYG]MALION* - Details (

(@DeusIrae : putting the asterisk outside the bold-tags solves the problem…)

I’ll play Sovereign Citizens next.

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One of the elements of that discussion I find particularly ironic is that it started because there was a fear parser-based IF was on the decline. Yet here we are seven years later, with quite a few parser-based games faring well if the IFDB reviews are anything to go by. Some games using Twine are also faring well.

I like that this is a place where we can experiment with interface, genre and the game/literature interface in many different ways and have our efforts appreciated (and evaluated) on their merits.


Something also of note is that the same discussion pops up every time something new comes along, a technological or narrative path not taken/available before.
“Gateway” uses a hybrid text/graphic interface; Woe unto the world!
“Galatea” is just talking? Then how do you WIN?
“Photopia” is boring because I can’t bang my head against intractable puzzles, therefore it’s not IF.

As I said however, a lot of the prejudices against Twine and other choice-platforms had nestled in my brain, even though I had not truly played any of the games until now.

And I recognize the defensive reaction of parser-lovers. But chasing the new kids off the playground just leaves you alone and bitter. Better to exchange toys and play together.


The previous posts have been about my prejudices with Twine and what do I get here? A click-through Twine story.

Sovereign Citizens

A good reading experience with real emotional resonance.
Apart from going *clickety * though, no interacting.

Review: Sovereign Citizens - Details (

Up next: Picton Murder Whodunnit
(in between playsessions of Cliff Diver; Crime to the Ninth)


A proof of concept that needs a lot more body.

Picton Murder Whodunnit

I didn’t even bother to replay, even though that is kind of the point of a random-perpetrator game. There’s just not enough there.

Review: Picton Murder Whodunnit - Details (

Next: Medicum Veloctic. I find the premise very promising. Let’s hope it lives up to it.
Also, I have received word that an update of Eleanor is available. I’ll certainly give it another go.

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I was well and truly absorbed by this story:

Medicum Veloctic

Very good writing, great characterization, emotionally gripping. Just needs to go through the spellcheck once more. (defiLbrilator, for example)

Review: Medicum Veloctic - Details (

I feel I’m running out of steam a bit. I’ll revisit Eleanor tomorrow or the day after. After that, we’ll see…

Fantastic combo of learn-by-dying and coöperate-with-former-selves!


Very, very cool!
I gave up after 4 iterations though, but that’s entirely on me. Will retry when brain is more rested.