Rounding down math operations

Twine Version:, Sugarcube

Hello all.

Is there a way to make the result of a math operation involving variables automatically be rounded down?

I want to show information on the character sheet that changes as the game is played. What I’m using is:
"This signature spell deals 2d6+<<print ($maglvl/2 + $magmag)>>"

$maglvl = mage character Level (for now 3)
$magmag = mage character Magic attribute (for now 4)

What I have is working, and returns me the correct value of 5,5.
But is there a way for, everytime it should give you a fraction, to round it down?

Thank you all in advance,

Round down (more negative)
<<print Math.floor(5.5)>>  gives 5
<<print Math.floor(-5.5)>> gives -6

Round up (more positive):
<<print Math.ceil(5.5)>>  gives 6
<<print Math.ceil(-5.5)>> gives -5

Round to nearest:
<<print Math.round(5.1)>> gives 5
<<print Math.round(5.5)>> gives 6
<<print Math.round(5.9)>> gives 6

That works.