Room Description - Not Repeating

Hey, folks. I am new to authoring interactive fiction games. I am currently working on a story for my college class on literature and pedagogy – how to teach literature via interactive fiction.

The game I’m developing is based on a short story by an American author, and I am using significant portions of the short story in certain rooms. I don’t want the information to repeat every single time you re-enter a room. That can get burdensome and overwhelming. I’d rather them return to the room and only have a condensed version of it, or something completely different.

What is the code to have the room description not repeat when returning to a room you’ve already visited? Is there a code?


In what programming language do you need such a code? (You posted in “General Design Discussions”, so it isn’t very clear.) It is easy to do in most.

Dang! My fault! Inform 7.

I figured out how to not repeat (“Use brief room descriptions”) but now I’m curious about “Look.”

Instead of having all of the same information reappear with the “Look” command, I’d like for the “Look” command to give an abbreviated description of the room.

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