Room description displaying incorrect text


I have a problem with one room in my small game. When the player enters this room they get the room description, along with the description from the previous room. This doesn’t happen in any other room, but this one.

Here’s the room text;

Section 4 - The Edge of the Grasslands

The grasslands is a room.
The grasslands is below the rope ladder.

“This is the grasslands. Meh.”.

What the player sees is this;

This is the grasslands. Meh.

This is the previous room. Meh.

The ‘previous room’ text is this;

Section 2 - The Plateau

The plateau is a room.
The Plateau is above the rope ladder.

The rope ladder is below the plateau and above the grasslands.

The rope ladder is a door. The rope ladder is open.

“This is the previous room. Meh.”

Any idea why the previous room description would be showing? The previous room leads to other rooms as well but they don’t have this issue.


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My guess is that Inform thinks “This is the previous room. Meh.” is supposed to be the initial appearance of the rope ladder.

I usually say something like The description of Room Whatever is "Blah." to avoid ambiguity.

You could also move the description so it’s right after you declare the room. On the same line, if you want to make sure it doesn’t get separated again.