Room description display problem

My rooms won’t display name and description during gameplay if I attach any adjectives to them, in any format. What’s up with that?

(There were problems with using the “[direction] from [room] is a room called x” format, too; it seems like the universe don’t want me to simplify none.)

Your question is a tad unspecific. Could you post examples?

As far as I can tell that’s what’s happening. I have the values defined at the beginning, but it just weirds up.

i.e., if I write “Foyer is a pleasant room”, bam, name and description gone. If I wrote “Foyer is a room. Foyer is pleasant”, bam, gone. “Foyer is a room. The atmosphere of Foyer is pleasant”, gone.

//edit: further experimentation suggests that it’s not the adjective itself that’s the problem, it’s the value-changing rule I wrote; it blanks stuff for one turn after it takes effect, for some reason. I found a workaround, but theoretically am still puzzled.

I’d be curious to see your code. Can you post a short example that duplicates the problem?

Sure. Could be something that changed since I last used Inform, but… this used to work fine, if my old project files are any indication.

[code]Stress is a kind of value. The stresses are calm and stressed.
A person has stress. A person is usually calm.
After going to Orchestra, change the stress of the player to stressed.

Hall is a room. “The hallway.” The player is in Hall.
Orchestra is a room. It is north from Hall. “The symphonic orchestra is practicing here.”[/code]

After rules stop the action, which means the report going rule that describes the room gone into never gets a chance to run. You can override that behaviour of after rules with a “continue the action”:

After going to Orchestra: 
	change the stress of the player to stressed;
	continue the action.

(Also, by the way “change the stress of the player to stressed” will apparently not be legal in future builds of Inform. See Writing with Inform 8.1.)

Oh, I see. Thank you!

Where can I read that? I googled the title, but nothing came up.

“Writing with Inform” is the built-in documentation. If you don’t have the Inform application fired up, it’s also online here, though in one or two places the online version is out-of-date (at least, I’ve found one outdated version of an example). [That does show up on searches for “writing with inform.”]

(updated: the link used to go to a different page called “Writing with Inform,” not the manual)

Oh, pff, misparsed that. Section Eight Subsection One, not Inform version 8.1. Thanks.

Ha! Yeah, if you do turn up Inform 8.1, let me know.

Nobody could help you with your coding problems, though.