Has anyone else fallen down the rabbit hole of this enormous, ambitious, insane, filthy game?

I’m so excited about it–I’d love to talk to other people who are in the process of figuring it out! There’s so much to do! I’ve gotten two endings and taken pages of notes and there are still so many questions I haven’t answered!

Extreme spoilers within:

Does anyone have hints for how to access Kim’s logs? I know about ADMIN and ACCESS, and I’ve viewed all 4 androids’ logs with the HoloVR, but I don’t know how to find Kim’s missing logs.


You got much farther than I did! I could never figure out how to actually use the ADMIN password.

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I didn’t even find the passwords.

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I can help up to that point, at least!

Oreolek: You can learn the meta-commands by getting coffee with Alex Null. (Around Tuesday, I think, Olivia will make an appointment for you to talk with an android tech called Alex Null. Go to the Cardinal Cafe in the afternoon, order a coffee for “Alex Null,” wait for barista to call the name, and then follow. Alex is available any day after Olivia sets up the meeting, I think.)

mathbrush: You can use the meta-commands in conversation by entering them into the text box that appears during conversation with the androids. They are case sensitive (so “ADMIN” works but “admin” doesn’t).

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Felicity Drake: For Kim’s hidden logs - You have to interview Kim and get her logs first chance you get, then tell Alex about them. The afternoon after that, visit him again. He’ll give you her old head.


Thank you!! Whole new vistas have opened up to me!

About endings: I’ve gotten endings B, C, and D. Any hints on how to get ending A?

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Wait… do Val’s heels match the stockings or the sundress? I feel like this is really important for some reason…

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I’ve also posted a review of the game on my blog.

Better late than never: an effusive review of robotsexpartymurder!