Has anyone played any of the Rinkworks’ games?


They’re online point ‘n’ click text adventures, pretty retro in style, but quite likeable once you get over the limitations of the interface. I’m currently playing one called The Mystery Of Brackly Hall which is a nice enough game in its own right but can also be amazingly frustratingly to make progress with.

Anyone here tried any Rinkworks’ games?

I think I’ve seen that site before, but I can’t remember if I played any of the games. Does it require a sign-up? If so, I might have passed on it for a later time, and just never came back.

You just need to enter a username and a password each time you visit the site. That’s it.

Tried it twice, but I passed up on it since most of them were (IIRC) in CYOA and I am on dial-up.

If any game’s going to be browser-based, I’d rather have a local copy. 8)

Are you enjoying it more than Escape from Saint Mary’s?

(I enjoyed that game, but I’d played some of their games before and had the intended mindset.)

Well, I played it to the bitter end so I guess the answer would be “yes”. Saying that, I found the game to be an incredibly trying experience due to the maze (the curse of all things IF) and the limitations of the interface. But overall, it wasn’t bad and it gave me a break from some of the buggy IFComp games. Just out of curiosity, how many moves did it take you to finish it? I made it in 1,779.

As it happens, I’ve written quite a lengthy review of it which I’ll add to Merk’s new IF Hype site when he finishes it…*

  • That was a subtle hint there, BTW. :slight_smile:

rinkworks.com/adventure/hall … phmerridew

Are you doogleman?

Yep, that’s me. I see you beat me by quite a way with The Mystery Of Brackly Hall.