Ribald Bat Hint Request

I’m stuck trying to get to the window over the roof of the public house. I’ve found out this is where the crime lord lives, and that’s the only task left in my journal besides the initial one. I have a cat, metal knuckle, and procurer’s hat, along with my usual equipment and contents of my sack. I’ve investigated everything I can possibly think of. Anyone have a hint?

Edit: In case anyone else is in the same situation, a hint: You can pick up something conspicuous from the docks.


I really appreciate this edit; I got stuck in the same place.

I hope you don’t mind if I hijack your topic to ask for hints on a later part of the game. I’m stuck right after overhearing the assassin and priestess plotting and can’t figure out how to progress from there. (My current listed objectives are dealing with the assassin and setting up an ambush for the priestess.)

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Thanks for giving my game a try!

A hint for the latter objective: you’ll need to enter a hiding spot. The girl mentioned where you can find one.

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I went ahead and uploaded a walkthrough (well, more like a list of hints for the key puzzles). Apologies that I didn’t do this sooner.

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OK, I’m also stuck. Looked at the hints in the walkthrough, got past all of that. I can get to the temple, go upstairs, found a key, but there’s a locked door that it doesn’t unlock. I also have a mysterious metal box that I have no idea what to do with. There’s another upward entrance from the sewers, but it says “Zorklang was not ready to confront her foe in the palace.”

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For the door: the verb you need is use key with door. I done made an oversight and I don’t want to update the game while a bunch of long transcripts are in progress. ;_; But I will add a note about that to the hint file.

For the mysterious box: Opening it is a super-secret, unmarked side quest. It involves four shrines, one of which is in the cave at the beginning.

Ah, thank you.

I wondered about the shrines, but haven’t figured out anything to do with them yet.

Huh. Now I’m curious what else I’m missing: are there 1000 asskata worth of treasure total?

Actually, there’s 997.

I’m near the end of the game, but am stuck on what I assume is a ridiculous problem: I can’t find the temple at all. I even searched through my transcript, and it only mentions it being seen in the distance. Any hints?

What are your current journal goals?

Raised an army for the conquest of Greenbriar.
Cast down a nest of hornets and trod upon its queen.
Investigated the temple.

Ah, that’s good – I believe you should definitely be able to access the temple at that point!

There’s a location you haven’t explored fully, and I think I know why: you may have assumed that a certain direction would take you somewhere you’ve already been, when it in fact leads to a new area. (That was a small point of confusion for me!)

It’s also possible that you haven’t uncovered the hidden path in that same location, so you might need to investigate it more closely.

If you’d like a bigger hint, I can tell you that the temple can’t be accessed from the “outside”, so you’ll have to find the secret path to get there.
In my opinion it’s in a very unintuitive location, but you can definitely find it if you explore in every direction (especially in areas unlocked after your recent objectives).

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Thank you! That got me where I needed to go.

I’m afraid I need yet another hint. My tasks are:

Raised an army for the conquest of Greenbriar.
Cast down a nest of hornets and trod upon its queen.
Tended her flower once more.

The, uh, same verb I used when trying to sleep no longer works; I imagine the rod might be of some service, but no verb I’ve tried seems to work.

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Haha, I think had the same issue in my playthrough! Did you leave the room where you found the rod? You have to go back there for it to work.

Edit: I can’t remember if that objective appears before or after a certain action – if you haven’t done so already, you’ll also need to get her in the mood first.

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Got it! Thank you so much. I did indeed need your edit-added hint.

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Hmm, I’m stuck in a distinct way from everybody else in the thread! This is soon after starting Act Three:

I’ve made it out of the tunnels and rewarded my mooks, but I’m not sure where to go next or what to do. The next step in the “walkthrough” seems to involve a game of cat and mouse with the assassin, but I can’t find her anywhere, and I can’t find anything else useful to do (I can find the temple but not get in, and seems like that’s supposed to happen later). Any pushes in the right direction would be appreciated!

OK, I could be wrong, but I’ll take a swing since I’m around and you may be trying to stay in the groove. Did the mooks tell you that they last saw the assassin at the West gate? As I recall you go to the West Gate and see the assassin’s footprints there, starting the cat and mouse sequence.

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Ah, that’s it – thanks much!

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OK, I’m trying to track down the assassin. I understand how to go from location to location. Now the ‘walkthrough’ tells me to set up a trap in a choke point and I assumed this meant that I had to close the gate at the docks. But now I’m just running in circles in another part of town and I have no idea what to do.

Okay, for other people with this problem: turned out I had to just go on and on and on and on and on… it took me 126 turns after closing the gate before I trapped the assassin.