Rewind: Hints and Walkthru

I thought I’d start a new thread specifically for hints and help with the Rewind demo (If the game is being sarcastic, you’re probably doing something wrong :slight_smile: )


For those of you who have downloaded the demo from … ition-demo and are stuck in the first room, don’t despair - the airlock is deliberately designed to introduce the concept of puzzle solving in the text environment. Once past that first room, the rest of the demo is much less demanding! In fact, getting through the demo isn’t the problem - it’s getting through with a maximum possible score…
Still want the solution? Read on.

Spoiler alert!

The correct sequence of commands to escape the airlock alive are as follows:


EDIT - Putting this in a rant tag so that my experience here doesn’t colour anyone else’s, one way or the other.

[spoiler]I managed to overlook the existence of the suit entirely, FWIW (I read this thread and went “What? WHAT suit?”). Partly because I had lost faith in the parser by then, and partly because it wasn’t listed in the inventory. And partly because I was straining to read small letters, so not paying full attention. And partly because the loop of closely-timed die-repeat I had gotten into, coupled with the parser responses, was getting on my nerves.

And yet, the very first thing I typed was X ME. The very second thing I typed was EXAMINE ME, because the first thing I typed hadn’t been recognised. The third, fourth and fifth things I tried were attempts to get an inventory listing, and since the game told me “what you see is what you get” and I only saw something that looked like money (though the game didn’t understand EXAMINE MONEY), I entirely put out of my mind the possibility of me carrying/wearing anything else.

Just, you know, FYI. For what it’s worth. You sort of waved everything I said away with “Yeah, that’ll all be in there, this is just a demo”, but it did have the effect of me totally missing the suit as an item that could be used. Result: frustration with the demo and unlikelyhood of getting the full game.[/spoiler]