Revisit Inform7 10.1.x Command Line Interface

The IDE while great isn’t right for everyone (I encounter a long-running error related to the touchbar on the Mac), so I use a code editor to edit my story source files. The IDE doesn’t deal well with external editors and doesn’t like to acknowledge when the source is modified in an external editor.

Time to revisit the Inform7 CLI discussion.

Despite the good work done by @zedlopez a few years ago, those instructions here and the scripts here no longer work with the changes to Inform7.

Is there an easy way to use Inform to compile and test story files minus the CLI?

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I hadn’t rushed to update that 'cause compiling on the command-line is now documented. My i7-helpers have some crude scripts to create a project and compile it.

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I use this step by step guide to compile a working CL version of an up to date Inform 7 install on my RPi 4. It works very well. After the install Zed’s i7-helpers are quick and easy. I haven’t had a working Mac for a couple of years but I see not reason why it wouldn’t work.