Reviews on IFDB are really up this year

I was surprised to see the Big Trouble in Little Dino Park had double-digit reviews.

I checked and 4 games from IFComp had 10 or more reviews this year.

The last game with that many reviews is from 2016, and there are only 53 games that have ever received that many reviews, usually after years on the database.

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Thanks to everyone who’s reviewing! This is awesome!


I was surprised as well - I participate in a lot of jam-style competitions and it’s difficult to say how much feedback one will ever get. I was pleasantly surprised by all the folks who gave thoughtful reviews (even though we were ranked in the 80th percentile).

Do you think there is a particular method to why some are reviewed more frequently than others? (ease of play, length of play, clear feedback topics [in our case, bugs]) Or was this just a lucky culmination of many entrants, judges, and additional time to provide feedback?


I’m honestly not sure. I think it might just be the fortuitous combination of several new people who took up IFComp reviewing on IFDB (like Radioactive Crow and DeathbyTroggles, among many others). I can’t think of any other thing that’s changed over the last few years in regards to IFComp specifically (maybe the retro community engaging more, making IFDB seem more appealing in general?)