Reviews of all cover images (part 1 of 2)

I always feel bad about all the games (sometimes 100%) I don’t get around to reviewing, so this year I’m reviewing every single cover image.

I went alphabetical, from 4 x 4 Archepelago to The Library. I’ll post here when I’ve done Part 2.

Edit: here is Part 2 (of 2): IF Comp 2021: Cover Image Reviews Part 2 | crazy talk


I am enjoying the cover reviews!

“Vark” is apparently a minor antagonist in Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light. It’s possible you might be picking up the same vibes as Hazbin Hotel’s creator when the capitalisation makes you feel tetchy. (Note: I have not played AardVark to know if this has the slightest connection with the game itself, and it’s probably more fun if I don’t find out until it’s that game’s turn to be played :wink: )

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I love this.

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Well, that was a wild ride.

Here’s the other half of my extremely arbitrary and often blatantly unfair cover reviews for this year!