Review: Vespertine

(A hypnotising Twine full of breathtaking/haunting images by @sophia . Only two ratings and one review on IFDB. Worth a slow and hungry read. VESPERTINE - Details (

Kiss of the Balisong

Impressionistic prose bordering on poetry. Sensuous associations brought on by a gently touching finger. Images of kissing lips and dripping blood.

Footnotes. A second voice. Harsher, more direct. Longing too, silent confessions of love and yearning. Tenderness in the face of fate’s inevitability.

The gun or the knife?

But beauty prevails. Beauty offset by pain and secrets. Still, beauty. Enhanced by the acceptance of the ugly things. The things unspoken yet known.

The silver lining of the shining blade-edge.


Thanks so much for the beautiful, thoughtful review. I’ve been looking forward to it ever since you messaged me to let me know you were going to play Vespertine!


I loved it. Stolen moments of tenderness while outside the harsh brute relentless world awaits.

A self-chosen world that is. (Or if not chosen, then one they have come to accept as inevitably their own.) I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.

Could you write a sequel where they sail off into the sunset hand in hand and live happily ever after? It would help clear the mist that seems to hinder my vision after reading your story…