Review: Vesp: A History of Sapphic Scaphism

This game was recommended to me by @sophia when I said I wanted to get into IF games to start off with!

Where do I even begin? I’ve played a few of Porpentine’s other games after I played this one and I just have to say the worlds she can pull you into are absolutely fascinating. This one especially had me excited for every new paragraph and tiny tid-bit of information she was going to give in her world building through out the entire game. The woman you play is in this state of indesicion for the beginning of it and by the end of the game, you basically make some world changing choice that effects how she ends up in the world.

I’ve only done one option of it, but honestly I think you just need to experience the game yourself to get the depth of what her choice is going to be. My favorite thing about it is how it incorporates the wasp theme. How wasps are a pest, how they must be gotten rid of, how everyone wears suits to block themselves from such creatures. It really shows that the protagonist feels extremely othered by her experiences. Not to mention, the themes of the trans experience throughout the game, the eerie way the world is described, and then there’s always something gross and unsettling.

I really appreciate how the game doesn’t really beat around the bush about the gross stuff. I love reading how Porpentine details everything to make sure you get that sick and gnarly image of her world in your head and that really stuck with me. I wasn’t grossed out myself, since I’m not really easy to be grossed out but it’s honestly what made me fall in love with her writing. I adore how it doesn’t try to pad itself and just is a gross game about being trans and experiencing the world.

All in all, 10/10 from me! I know it’s a rather simple review but I woke up rather disoriented unfortunately. Tell me about your experiences with this game if you’d like!


I’m glad you liked the game! It’s among my favourites from her catalogue, even if some of her other works are more well known/frequently spoken of as being part of IF History.

We’re very different people in terms of initial reaction to the game, though- I definitely squirmed and flusteredly played through while holding a hand to my face to alleviate the hot flush from waves of horror and nausea intermingled with curiosity. Porp’s work is incredibly visceral, if I had to choose a single word to encompass her body of work.


I adore the viscera of it so much! It just made me want to read even more! Thank you again for the rec! <3