Review: The Underoos that Ate New York

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Atomized Inzanity!

In a bid to outperform the silliness of the classic SciFi B-movies from the era of “The Attack of the 50ft Whatever From Outer Space”, The Underoos that Ate New York brings you, yes, an assortment of clothing, mildly to lethally disgruntled (depending on the piece of clothing) by passing too close to a meteorite the day before. Slobby bachelor that you are, you probably wouldn’t even mind hanging around naked in your flat, were it not for your date with Cindy.

Time to hunt down your clothes!

TUTANY brings us: “My Crappy Apartment”… FROM SPACE! And it relies completely on the over-the-top zaniness its premise provides. A miniscule map (5 rooms), 5 items of clothing to subdue and put on, simple but rewarding puzzles. All of it driven forward by a breathless sense of urgency.

The locations are sparse but adequately implemented, there is a bunch of gratuitous silliness, and before the chuckle dries up in your throat the joke’s over, you’re dressed and ready to go out with Cindy.

Quick fun!