Review: The girl in the Woods

A very short choose-your-own thriller adventure on I saw when I decided to explore the site a little bit. The game itself was short so the review will be short as well.

First of all, the game uses visuals and they’re very fitting into the game. They also fit very good with descriptions, which does their work good when it comes to telling situations and places to the player. But the main problem with this game is that it doesn’t have too much options. You often have one option, sometimes two, which doesn’t fit into choose-your-own aspect well, but a such layout could be okay if somebody is new to choose-your-own genre. Having more options will of course make this game much better and increase its replay value. There are also a few punctuation errors, but they are minor and doesn’t affect the atmosphere and gameplay.

Author of this game claims he did this game in one day, so the only big flaw of this game is justified a bit.

If you want to try this game, as I said earlier, this game is on